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Assisted Home living

Long Stay

We do understand that our dear family seniors would like to be independent as long as they can, and abhor the idea of relying on someone. However, there are instances where they need help at the doorstep. Keeping such cases in mind, one of our key offerings is the Assisted Homecare aspect. We depute health care providers who stay with you and take care of you throughout the day and night

  • Our Doctor team consisting of Geriatric Specialists and Nurses will conduct a detailed analysis of the patient's condition

  • We will provide a custom-made medical plan for the patient

  • This medical plan will be constantly reviewed to ensure health improvement

  • Appropriately trained nurses will be sent to assist the elders with their day to day activities such as: grooming, medicine, food intake, meal preparation, running errands and coordinating with the doctors

  • Our expert Doctor team comprising of specialist will make frequent visits to ensure patient’s well being

  • Prominent tie ups with reputed hospitals in case of emergencies

Service offered in Residential Home 

R&R Assisted Home offers supervised care, meals, activities and health management. While assisted living communities may offer extensive activities, such as senior aerobics and field trips, a care home is a better fit for someone who needs a more individual, home-setting care.

  • Here are some of the basic services offered in care homes:

  • Comfortable private rooms

  • 1-to-3 daily, home cooked meals (Only vegetarian food)

  • Housekeeping and laundry service

  • Medication management

  • Clinical monitoring & Doctor Visit   

  • Physiotherapy consultation     

  • Diet and nutrition consultation  

  • Social programs and activities

  • Transportation to doctor's appointments

  • Intercom facility

  • 24/7 access to help desk    

  • 24/7 in-house medical assistance

  • Wi-Fi access Individual Television access

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