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Assisted Home Living 

Why Assisted Home Living 

Elders @ R&R AHL

Elders Living at Home

Isolation from family, friends & socialize

Company with neighbours, engaging with social ,fun activities & cultural events

Social Life

Emergency Assistance 




Anxiety about if-when any help will be available in case of emergency  

Alert system in each rooms ,24/7 on site staffs & medical assistants 

Eating alone, packed meals. Difficult following special dietary requirements 

Dining with neighbour, menu options presented with table services ,freshly prepared food
Special dietary need

The time and energy – consuming burden of cleaning , laundry and Maintenance 

Housekeeping, linen service and maintenance provide by professional staffs 



Physical Activity 

Increased dependence on family and outside help for routine activities

Discreet support provided by familiar , Caring ,well trained staff as needed

Limited asses to fitness programs and equipments /Lack of motivations

Daily opportunities to improve mobility & overall wellness

Depend on others availability to get where you need & want to go 


Schedule car or shuttle service, always available for local appointments 

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