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R&R Healthcare is a venture close to my heart, and we are a team of Doctors (Emergency Physician, gynaecologist, Geriatrician, Diabetologist) and medical professionals (Dietician, Physiotherapist, Nursing)  who have come together to provide holistic care to senior citizens.

We realize that all of us have multiple professional and personal commitments that prevent us from being home bound and being available for the elders all the time. It could be a work related project that requires you to travel for a few days, or you may have to undergo a medical procedure which again may require you to take bed rest – in these situations your elders are the ones who will suffer as they are so dependent on you.  

And this is where we step in; R&R Healthcare will be the place for you to come to when you encounter such situations. In fact your senior family member can be in post-operative care or someone with special dietary habits or maybe just a parent who you wish to leave with us for a short span while you attend to important chores. In all these situations, R&R Healthcare will act on your behalf and will be able to replicate exact home like atmosphere for the elders and ensure their good health and safety. 

On behalf of R&R Healthcare, we assure the best experience that is smartly integrated with medical, nutrition and security, all coming together in a warm innovative and compassionate care. 



Dr.Roshini Rohit

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